A Daily Walk in the Word

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A daily walk in the Word of God:

We are happy to begin a new section which will contain daily words of wisdom from the Word of God. This section is for our daily walk in the Lord, as well as for our spiritual enrichment.  We hope these words will help you live victorious in Christ each and every day.


The Bible tells us that in the last days, perilous times shall come II Tim. 3:1-17, and we see this clearly each and every day.  Man has becomed a lover of self, more than a lover of God, and many have already departed the faith giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.  Never has there been such a time as this, were people would oppose God and embrace all manner of sin, and immorality.

In order for this to come about, the meaning of the word Christian, and christianity has been changed; one becomes a Christian simply by repeating words told to them by someone else, not coming even close to what the Bible says.  The world has become largely anti-Christian, as well as anti-Christ, and the Bible has been reduced to just a story book...an outdated one to be more exact.

Nevertheless, as we see these things coming to pass, those of us who are called by God's great name, know that our redemption is drawing nigh. We as people of God must remain focussed as never before, since we know that the kingdom of God is not of this world.  As we see all these things coming on the scene, our rejoicing is even greater, for we see clearly the prophecies of God unfolding before us.

For this cause, we are able to live victoriously in Christ Jesus, for we know that the promises of God are to the people of God yeah, and amen! For we look for a city not made by hands who's builder, and founder is God.  Therefore, we stand steadfast, and unmoveable in Christ, knowing that we are standing on a firm, and impenetrable foundation that cannot be destroyed. Jesus Christ remains the same yesterday, today, and forever; His word never changes, and what he tells us will come to pass.

Saints of God, let us be holy, as He who has called us is holy; let us strive to ever be "Holiness unto the Lord"

Pastor J. Davy