IPPM Prayer Center

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Welcome to our prayer center; this section contains all of our prayer activities, including: prayer requests, praise section, articles of encouragement, teachings on prayer etc. In short, this section will include all things prayer.

IPPM, Interceding Power Prayer Ministry, is the power arm of our ministry. We believe in a God that cares about us, and is very willing to intervene in our situation, whatever that may be. IPPM is made up of a very powerful group of prayer warrior, intercessors, who are ever ready to stand in the gap, and make up the hedge in prayer for those who are in need of divine intervention. 


PRAYER SCRIPTURE FOR JANUARY, 2020:  "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much" James 5:16


There has never been a time like today, when there is a greater need for prayer. There seems to be turmoil on every hand. Daily, we hear of disasters both without, and within. The economical crisis has reached worldwide proportions, and there seems to be no improvement on the horizon.

In the midst of it all, is the Word of God, which let us know that God is able to change things if we would only come to him in prayer. Therefore, those of us who believe in the power of prayer, are called upon to intercede on the behalf of this entire world. God is able to cause all things to abound to good when He is called upon to bring fort change, and prayer does change things; for God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. So, let us pray without ceasing IThessalonians  5:17, and let us always pray one for another James 5:16.

 Updated for January 2018: In January of 2016, the American people elected a new President: Donald J. Trump, who took office in January of 2017.  This sparked a time of great choas and confussion. There has been protests on a daily basis, and seeminly instability throughout the world. It appeared as if everyone is in some turmoil and there is fear and anxiety everywhere. in spite of all this, we as people of God must remain focussed on Him, and His plan and purpose for this world. God is yet in control of all things, and as the Word of God tells us: "only He who now letthet will let, until he be taken out of the way." II Th. 2:7. God is the one who lets, and even when evil seems to advance, God is yet in control.

God is the one who raises up leaders, and He uses them to accomplish His will and purpose for and in the earth. Some governments are allowed to proceed, because they are used by God to accomplish judgement on a rebelious people. We are begining to see what it is like to live in a Godless generation, or society.

It seems as if a spirit of reprobation has already fallen upon the earth, and people are unable to tell the difference between right and wrong. This is exactly what God promises to those who refuse to obey Him, and take pleasure in immorality Ro. 1:28-32. God is the same yesterday , today, and forever. People might change with times, and practices and ways of live might change, however, God never changes, neither does his Word Mal. 3:6 "I am the Lord, I change not."

As people of God in this decadent world, we must hold fast to the Word of God, we must continue to be salt and light to this world. Like David, we must choose this day who we will serve, let us serve God in all holiness, and righteousness.

Pastor J. Davy

Holiness unto the Lord



Prayer Requests: 

If you have a need for prayer, we invite you to submit your prayer need to us by sending us an email with your request. You may also submit your request by mail (see our contact information). The ministry email is: cmm.ippm@gmail.com We will be happy to pray for you.