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IPPM Prayer calendar will be published on a Bi-monthly basis. In this section, we will also feature our prayer requests, and aticles on intercession, and various updates for our intercessors and prayer warriors. All prayer requests, and updates will be featured here.


MONDAYS: Sick and Shut Ins; also for Marriage and Families, General Requests.

  1. Paulette S: Healing from various physical illnesses, and a repair of relationship between her and son.
  2. Pray for God to intervene againts the rising wave of anti-Christian adctivities worldwide.
  3. For this ministry as we seek to become established in Chesapeake Va.
  4. Sonya Frith: deliverance.
  5. Elder Dale Morales: For God to intervene in her overall health situation, and give her a more determined prayer life.
  6. Paula: was diagnosed with cancer, praying for healing, and deliverance.
  7. Shahaira Davy: for God to streghten and keep her, for God's devine intervention in all areas of her life.
  8. Orlando F. Davy: For God to guide and direct him in the right way to go.
  9. Pastor Charlie Bostic: Guidance and direction in his ministry role as pastor.

TUESDAYS: All servants of God in ministry

  1. Yeshai Allen (Bishop), Elder Brown, Min. Rayette Allen, and Church of God in Unity.
  2. Pastor Daisy Evans and Fountain of life church. 
  3. Pastor Charlie Bostick, and The ministerial staff of Fishers of Men Pentecostal Church.
  4. Pastor John Kimayo.
  5. Pastor Carl Broggi and Community Bible Church.
  6. Pastor Lavoe and Action Christian Centers International.
  7. Emily Jerome and Youth With a Mission (YWAM).
  8. Pastor Jean Davy and Christ Messenger Ministries (CMM).
  9. Bishop Boaz Stuppard and Shiloh Compassion and Praise Outreach Ministries.
  10. Pastor Willie Davis (Bishop)
  11. Evangelist Lillian Johnson and True Salvation Training Center of Praise.
  12. Pastor Chromely and Acts of Pentecost Church.
  13. Pastor K.P. Yohannan and Gospel for Asia.
  14. Voice of the Martyrs (V.O.M.).
  15. Pray for all GFA, and VOM missionarys, and field workers who face harm and danger daily, as they proclaim the Gospel in very troubled areas of the world.
  16. Pastor Obazee, Pastor Seth, Pastor Shawrdrika Obazee,Pastor Urenia Elder Dale Morales: Calvary Victory Church.
  17. Pastors Bolson
  18. Pastor Davis Ochieno Juma
  19. Min. Zenobia Carson-Silas 
  20. Pastor Damon Richardson

WEDNESDAYS: IPPM Fast and Prayer Day #1, all 1st Wednesdays

  1. Pray for all IPPM intercessors and their families
  2. Pray for all those in need of salvation, including the members of your families that are not saved.

Below, you will find our salvation request list. Please pray over this list on our Fast and Prayer days ( 1st Wednesdays, and 3rd Fridays).

THURSDAYS: All Governments and Heads of State, and Royalties.

  1.  For President Donald Trump, Vice President Pence, his cabinet, and advisers that God will use them to accomplish His will and purpose in this world.
  2. Pray for the USA: for God to intervene and bring the people to repentance, and that the church in the USA will resist apostasy, and ungodliness.
  3. All leaders of every nation under heaven.
  4. The United States military and armed forces.
  5. Pray for God to intervene in the descisions being handed down by the Supreme Court of the US, pray for the individual court justices, that they would not go contrary to the dictates of Almighty God.
  6. Pray for God to use all leaders, and governments on this earth as instruments in His hands to accomplish his will for this entire world.
  7. Pray for the Body of Christ: that we would represent God in all holiness, and righteousness.  That God's church will remain steadfast and unmoveable in these times that we are living in. 
  8. Pray for  God to restrain sin in the unbelievers, that lawlesness,and ungodliness  would not abound.
  9. Pray for the true church of God, that we will be ready for His return, and that we would remain holiness unto the Lord.

FRIDAYS: IPPM Fast and Prayer Day #2, all 3rd Fridays

  1. All IPPM intercessors and their families.
  2. Pray for God to intervene against all sexual deviancies, innordinate affections, immoralities, and perversions.
  3. For God to intervene against terrorism worldwide.
  4. God's Word to have full course, that the Gospel of the kingdom of God might be preached in all the earth.
  5. Pray over our salvation list.
  6. Pray for God to intervene against human trafficking worldwide, especially that of children.
  7. God's protection for children worldwide, especially for those in state, and or government, and foster care.

SATURDAYS: Nations, and areas of Christian Persecution, and for those who are suffering due to natural disasters.

  1. North Korea
  2. China
  3. Somalia
  4. Great Britain 
  5. Ghana
  6. Thailand
  7. South Korea
  8. Yemen
  9. El Salvador
  10. United States
  11. Honduras
  12. Dominican Republic
  13. Brazil
  14. Guatemala
  15. Israel
  SUNDAYS:  is the Lord's Day. You are encouraged to attend the church of your choise. Please keep CMM/IPPM in you prayers at all times, that God will ever use this ministry for His Glory. Let us be all that we can be for our great, and loving God; we are "Holiness unto the Lord".


We welcome your prayer requests, and encourage you to e-mail us with any needs you would like us to bring before the Lord in prayer. You may e-mail us at: cmm.ippm@gmail.com or minjeandavy08@aol.com



1. Joan Jones & fam.  2. Justin O. Christopher  3.Jheira French 4.Jhashira French  5.Jacinto French  6.Kenton Bostic  7.Ivor Liverpool  8.Joyce and Keith Green  9.Samaria Musoke  10.Brigitte Elteto  11.Ariel Willis  12.Gilberto Wilson  13.Shalonic Green  14.Angel 15.Keenan Speaks  16.Geneve Hightower and sons  17.Carlos Tebis. 18. Anthony Barnett 19.The entire Davy & Wilson families  20. Matthew 21. Shahira Morales 22. Ki-Loo Morales.