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CMM Updates

In His Service Everyday: We are excited to be in the service of Jesus Christ daily, and are looking to be all that he will have us to be for his glory. here we will be sharing with you what God is doing in this ministry. We ask that you pray with us that we will continue His great Commission, as we reach out to all those He sends our way.  

 We are so very excited for the new things that God has been doing in the ministry, and in our individual lives. We thank Him for opening new doors of ministering for us, and we have started those new tasks that He has entrusted to us. Therefore, we are asking that you continue to keep us in your prayers, that all that we do will bring glory to His name, and be a source of edification and encouragement to the body of Christ.

 We have added several Bible studies, one of which is to the elderly, and have added a Sunday service, also addressing the needs of the elderly. We have also added several sites on the internet, offering us the oportunity to bring the Gospel of the Kingdom of God into many additional places. It is our desire to be available to God for whatever He desires to do.

 As always, you may request to be placed on our mailing list, or on our email list (see our contact informatiion). Our newsletters, and Bible study material is always free of charge. God bless, and keep you always is our earnest prayer. 

 Pastor Jean

"Holiness unto the Lord "


 Some of  what we offer here at Christ Messenger Ministries:

1. Bible Studies (On-line, and correspondent)

2. Intercessory prayer

3. Newsletter ("The Messenger's Voice") 

4. Mentoring

5. Street Ministry

6. Councelling

7. Worship and Praise Services

8. On-line Ministry, and Outreach 

and much more. We are an outreach ministry, taking the love of Christ outside the church walls. We believe that one can indeed live a holy and sanctified life even in this present generation. We furthur believe that once you truly meet Jesus, you will never be the same.



























We wish you and your family a very Merry and Blessed Christmas, and a very Joyous New Year!

As we celebrate Christmas, let us also remember the Bible account of what happened many years ago.  Of course, we do not know the exact time of this event, however, the fact is that God became a man (human being), in order to show us the way of salvation. The Bible gives us this account in the book of the Gospel according to luke the 1st, and the second chapters.  The birth of Christ was also prophecied of in the old testament.

This is what we celebrate at Christmas time.  The devil would love to wipe away the memory of this happening from the minds of man, as he is always finding ways of trying to cause us not to reflect on our Holy days; he always uses well intentioned people to try to further his folly.  Nevertheless, as people of God, we will not be deceived.  Therefore, as we celebrate, remember that we are remembering the birth of Jesus, or the time when God became human in order to conquer hell and death, and show us the way of salvation.  Hell has no power over God's elect, and this is why we celebrate; not the partying, or the other ways of the world, but as those who have been redeemed.

Joy to the world, the Lord is come

let earth receive her King.

let every heart, prepare Him room,

and heaven and angels sing...

Pastor Jean and our CMM fam.